S​marter Golf...

With a pocket tee pouch.

* Fast, easy tee selection.

* No more bloody fingers.

Preparation is a key to success in everything, 

and in golf the SafeTees Pouch helps you prepare for that crucial first shot on every hole.

The Pouch holds 5 tees of various styles and lengths, so you can pick the perfect tee for each

tee box without having to make annoying and game-delaying trips back to your cart.  Tall grass? No problem.  Simply pull out a 3 1/4-inch tee to keep your ball above the grass. 

A Bonus Benefit: Your tees are tucked away safely in your pocket.  No more finger or leg pricks.  No more holes in your pockets.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Patent Pending