S​marter Golf...

With a pocket tee pouch.

Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention.  Eventually, and with guidance from the Lord.

So it is with the SafeTees Pouch, the latest innovation in player golf tee management.  

The SafeTees Pouch, which fits comfortably in a pocket, helps golfers select the best tee for conditions at each tee box while also protecting golfers from the "business end" of their tees.  No more leg or finger pricks.  No more tee holes in the pockets.

The SafeTees Pouch story goes back to the fall of 2015 when George Moore, the inventor (now president of the company), was preparing to tee off at the 14th hole on a course near Franklin, WV.

As he reached into his front pants pocket for a ball and tee, his ring finger caught the point of a loose tee.  He said, "darned," and as he was trying to stop the bleeding, he thought to himself, "There must be something...".

That evening, George searched the Internet for something to protect him from the tees in his pocket.  There was nothing.  So he thought some more.

He knew he wanted a pouch of some sort, but what kind?  It would have to accommodate several tees of various lengths, it would have to be somewhat pliable, it would have to be clear so a golfer could see which tee is which. 

It would have to be like...ah ha, a pocket protector. 

George did a rough drawing and returned to the Internet to search for "pocket protector." 

That led him to Erell Manufacturing Co., an award-winning manufacturer of vinyl products in Elk Grove Village, IL.  The company was started in 1947 and is the first known domestic manufacturer of the pocket protector. (The company still makes them.)

Erell said on its website that providing quality products and developing partnerships with its customers remains the "cornerstone" of its business.  George liked that, so the next day, he contacted the company.

That led him to Randy Silton, the third generation president of Erell.  George told Randy he had an idea, and Randy listened. 

Over the next several months, George formed SafeTees Pouch, Inc., and he and Randy put their heads together to manufacture seven progressively better prototypes. 

They finally settled on a durable, high-tech pouch with "channels" for five tees of varying styles and lengths.  The first pouches rolled off the production line in October 2016. 

The SafeTees Pouch has won rave reviews from every golfer who has tried it, and it will be featured at the PGA Expo in Orlando January 24-26, 2018.