3. You play faster and with better rhythm. Say goodbye to annoying and game-delaying trips back to your cart for the “right” tee.

4. You’re protected from your tees. No more bloody fingers when reaching into a pocket and stabbing yourself on the sharp point of a loose tee. No more tee holes in your pockets, either.

The Benefits:

The SafeTees Pouch is a tough, high-tech 3” x 3 ½” vinyl holder for up to five golf tees of various lengths and styles. The pouch, with tees, fits comfortably in any pocket.          

A Perfect




Better Golf​

Comment from a golfer when first introduced to the Pouch: “Good job of identifying and solving a need for every golfer. I have pulled a bloody finger out of my pocket more than once, so I can vouch for the utility of such a great idea.” 

1.  You can pick exactly the right tee for any tee box, because you have five tees to choose from. 

2. You have greater confidence as you address the ball, because you know you’ve selected the correct tee. Greater confidence translates into more power and greater accuracy off the tee.