Another Group of winners with their

SafeTees Pouches.  Congratulations to

These guys for a tournament with at Silver

Spruce Golf Course in Colorado Springs,

​CO, in 2019.


'They love it'


                    I first saw the SafeTees Pouch at the PGA show in Orlando in 2018.  I immediately took a liking to it because I would always wear out the right pocket in my shorts or pants from having loose tees in the pocket.  I run a few charity golf tournaments and presented the idea to the committees, and a few of them ordered personalized pouches with either the tournament logo or the corp. sponsor logo.  They've become a big hit.  Once people start using it, they love it.  I highly recommend it as an inexpensive golf tournament golfer gift.

--- Bill Liming, a Tee Time Golf Pass Regional Rep.

'A wonderful, convenient tool'


                           The first time I saw the "SafeTees Pouch" I made fun of it as well as the guy using it, stating - "Who needs a pouch to keep their tees in when you have pockets!"  Little did I know how wrong I was!  I received my first one in a "goodies" bag at a local tournament as a free giveaway and thought, "What the heck - try it!  You might actually like it!!"  I tried it that day and have been using it ever since!  It is a wonderful, convenient tool that every golfer should have in their bag - of pocket while on the course!!​

-- Rick Kern, Coplay, Pa.

Co-Chair, Allentown Police Athletic League Tournament