Tips on Use

The SafeTees Pouch is made of a special

heavy-duty vinyl that will last for years.   

But as with everything, minimal maintenance

may be necessary from time to time to ensure

peak performance.

▬ Make sure that the insides of the tee

channels are dry and free of dirt. 

Dirt and moisture can reduce surface

adhesion and allow the tees to fall out of the


If the insides of the channels get wet, dry them

with cotton swabs.  If the insides of the channels

get dirty, clean them  with moistened cotton swabs.

Use clear water. Soap could leave a film on the insides of the channels.   

▬ Check to make sure that the insides of the tee channels 
grip even the skinniest tees.

 This could become an issue when you insert a skinny tee into a channel that usually holds a larger, thicker tee.  It's almost as though the vinyl has stretched.

There's an easy "fix."

Using a thumb and index finger, firmly squeeze the front and back of the channel together and slide the pouch up and down a half dozen times as though you're trying to seal the channel.  That should restore the channel to its original configuration and allow it to firmly grip skinny tees.

Another solution:  Place the empty pouch under several heavy books and leave it overnight.  In the morning, you'll find that the pouch channels perform like new, firmly gripping all tees.

With proper care and maintenance, your pouch should last for many years.